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Charter Galicia Ria de Vigo

Type: Offer ( I Have)
Origen: Bayona - Spain
Destination: Vigo - Spain
Capacity: 8
DAY OF SEA SAILING BY THE BAIA OF BAYONNE AND LAUGHS OF VIGO It enjoys sailing on board a yacht 12 M.s by the Bay of Bayonne and Ría of 8 Vigo of H. of duration. We will leave on the 11:00 from port, will take a walk by the Bay of Bayonne approaching to us Lourido Mount, paying for America Beach we will maintain course to Ría of Vigo between the Islands Estelas and Monteferro. We will descry to the Beach of Ducks, Canine the Island of Toralla and we will come near to the Beach of the Beam and the Beach of Samil, Alcabre and Bouzas. Arrived at Vigo. Enjoying the stroll we will arrive Monte from the Guide, Chapela and will happen under the Bridge of Rande between Bateas of oysters laughs we will cross it to arrive at San Adrián where they will serve a succulent food to us. Of return we will descry Moaña. and Cangas with its Beaches Nerga and Barra. Approximating us to the Islands You back water we will return to I show point to begin