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Kitesurfing Courses at Corralejo

Type: Offer ( I Have)
Destination: FUERTEVENTURA - Spain
Courses are run on a continual basis with groups of not more than 6 people per course. Most people have very limited experience of kitesurfing so we have initially started offering only basic courses, and as clients begin to request more advanced manouvers we will offer more advanced instruction.

Certificate / Licenses
We are an IKO recognized centre which means we teach to a certain standard and also means we can issue the IKO Kiteboarder card. These come in different levels depending on ability. There is also a booklet which is very informative.
Introduction to kites with a look at different types and sizes.
Rigging up (inflation, connecting lines, harness and how it works).
Launching (off the beach).
Landing (on the beach).
Basic Flying movement, explanation of the window, etc.
Getting kitted out (choosing the wetsuit, bouyancy aid, crash hat).
Finally bodydragging downwind and gaining confidence in the water.

Day 2

This day will start with another bodydrag session, then it's straight onto the board to practice!

Kite recovery from the water
Downwind sailing