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Kite school Gisela Pulido Pro Center

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Origen: Tarifa - Spain
Destination: Tarifa - Spain


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Kite School Lessons, Rental and Prices. At the Gisela Pulido Pro Center we offer a variety of courses to suit your needs, ranging from a 1 day taster to see if kitesurfing is for you to a full weeks program. Courses can also be tailored to suit individuals and groups. Unsure which is for you... contact us and we will be able to advise you. Learn to kitesurf now at the premier kite school in Tarifa. Kitesurf Weekend Special Offer 2 days intensive learn to kite course, plus one night in Tarifa. €250 Kitesurfing Course is 2 full days (4-6hrs per day), includes all the kitesurfing equipment you will need, wetsuit, harness, kite, etc. The kite course will be given by qualified and experienced instructors who really want you to learn. For those that haven\'t been to Tarifa before we will also guide you as to the best spots to go in the evening to ensure you get the most from your weekend.