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Surfcamp in Canary Islands - Surfguia2

Type: Offer ( I Have)
Destination: Canarias - Spain
Capacity: 10
SURFGUIA2 is a Surfcamp named after the village Guia and the two surfguia's (guia means guide in spanish) and located at the North Shore of Gran Canaria. This Camp is waiting for you to experience a faboulus surf-time. The surf house provides a truly surfing atmosphere- very rustic but you'll find everything that is necessary.
The sound of the waves accompanies you and from the roofdeck you can check the surf directly in the morning. San Felipe is a small village far away of the touristic centers of the south. Directly seated at the coast you'll find a lovely spot to relax your mind and ride your best waves.

- You enjoy surfing but you like to learn it by heart? SURFGUIA2 has got the answer! Surfcamp in San Felipe: 5 hours of surflessons every day on 7 days and you learn how to surf really well. We check your level on put you on the next. Surfcamp package contents: material, 7 nights accomodation, snack at the beach, breakfast and a dinner in the best restaurant of San Felipe, only: 415 €.